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Note on "Calculator Effect" for Updates: If you have previously submitted a parent's or grandparent's genotype for inclusion in a
native population, their results will be corrected for the "Calculator Effect." However, results for any children or grandchildren will
not be
corrected and can receive higher admixture and total similarity scores for that region and population.
For best results, update your
parent or grandparent (instead of descendants)
  • DNA Tribes® SNP is a geographical "deep ancestry" analysis that can be performed based on your genotype raw data from
    any of several SNP microarray tests. Previous SNP Lab Work Required: Eligible data include autosomal genome raw data from
    23andMe©, AncestryDNA™, or Family Tree DNA Family Finder™ tests (not affiliated with DNA Tribes).*

  • DNA Tribes® SNP reports include:
  • Admixture Percentages
  • Your Percentages of five continent cores and 44 world ancestry clusters.
  • Multi-Dimensional Scaling (MDS) Plots
  • Visualizes how your genome fits among five continent cores and 44 world ancestry clusters.
  • Population Composition (Genomic Best Ethnicity Fits)
  • Native Population, and Global Population Best Fits based on your combination of 44 ancestral components.
  • Total Genome Fit
  • Compare your Genomic Composition to 322 World Populations in our SNP Database.
  • Genome Grid World Map illustrating the geographical distribution of your ancestral components.

  • New Features: For information about our June 2014 Update, click here.

  • Example Results (Updated June 2014): Example DNA Tribes® SNP reports can be viewed by clicking the links below:

  • Grandparent Info Discount: A discount towards DNA Tribes® SNP analysis is available for customers who would like to submit
    their genome and grandparent birthplace information for potential anonymous, aggregated inclusion in our geographical analysis.
    To participate, fill out the Grandparent Info Form by clicking this link and order using the discounted order link. After placing your
    order, place email your zipped raw genome data to

  • World Regional Components: To provide a context for your personal DNA Tribes® SNP results, continent and regional
    admixture tables for world populations in our database are available here. Updated June 2014.
Note: Our SNP analysis is currently not available. We expect to make it available for purchase in Fall of 2015. If you
have any questions or would like to be added to the mailing list for notification upon the availability of our SNP product,
please email us at