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Customer Agreement: By ordering a DNA Tribes Genetic Ancestry Analysis below, customers agree: (1) they have read the DNA Tribes FAQ
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Sample Results, (2) they understand that DNA Tribes performs a genetic ancestry analysis that identifies the populations and world
regions where a person's genetic profile is most likely, which might correspond to known ethnic affiliations or else might identify previously
unknown genetic connections to the world; and (3) they understand that refunds are not available after the time our laboratory receives their
genetic sample. To ensure prompt results and avoid additional fees, DNA samples should be returned for processing within 6 months of the
date of purchase.
Order a New Test:
  • Each STR testing kit includes DNA processing and USPS First Class Mail shipping for one person.
  • More markers allow for greater match precision and power of exclusion. All kits can be upgraded to include more markers at a later
    time to confirm or clarify results. A kit comparison chart can be viewed by clicking here.
  • 26 Marker Kit tests include your choice of a free $24.99 add-on report or $24.99 credit towards DNA Tribes Europa analysis. Just
    select your add-on and then enter coupon code "Premium" during checkout or email with your selection.
22 Marker Kit Test
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22 Marker Kit testing for one person. An affordable option to compare your DNA to populations and regions around the world.
26 Marker Kit Test
Sale Price:
26 Marker Kit testing for one person. The fullest comparison of your DNA to populations and regions around the world. Includes a free $24.99 add-on report of your choice.
Other Orders:
  • To customize your results with an Add-on Report or Update Your Analysis, click here.
  • To confirm or clarify your results with a 22 or 26 Marker marker Upgrade Test, click here.
  • For separate SNP genotype analysis, click here.